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Hi! My name is Joe Allen, and I'm a 20-year-old junior game programmer.


I recently graduated from Birmingham City University with a bachelor’s degree in Video Game Development, where I worked on numerous games, including two collaborative projects. While studying, I had both solo and group work featured at the 2020 and 2021 GFA Student Showcase. 


I specialise in C# and Unity, but also have experience with other programming languages (C++, JavaScript), and game engines/frameworks (Unreal Engine, SFML, MonoGame).


I'm at my happiest when I'm making something. Unsurprisingly, my favourite 'somethings' to work on are video games, for a multitude of reasons. I love how code, art and sound can come together to produce something unique and special. I love how games evolve with technology, and how the boundaries of what is possible continue to grow as a result. I love the pursuit of making something because it's fun, and because it will make people smile, or allow them to escape.


I was introduced to programming as a child when I was tinkering around with PowerPoint and found that you could add code to make simple quizzes and games. That was what got me hooked on the idea of programming: just think something up, tell the computer what to do, and (if you get everything right) your idea is realised before you. That's magic! That's how I felt then, and it's why programming continues to excite me. Of course, coding is never quite that simple, but thankfully I enjoy the 'problem solving' part just as much as the 'problems solved' part.


When I’m not programming, my hobbies include video editing, graphic design, and building LEGO. You can see some of my editing work in the trailers for Broken World, Robot Guise and various other games. I also created the music for most of the games featured on this website. You can listen to my music, and see a few other things I have worked on here.