Created for the Broken World release trailer. I also composed a couple of tracks for the game itself.

Created for the Temple Imperium release trailer. I also composed a couple of tracks for the game itself.

The full soundtrack for the Pixel Park Demo.


Broken World

August 2021
C#/Unity (Windows)

Team Project
temple cover.png

Temple Imperium

Aug 2020
C#/Unity (Windows)

Team Project

Arkanoid but Cat

Mar 2020
JavaScript/Three.js (Web)

Solo Project
Cover Image 1 630x500.png

Pixel Park Demo

Jun - Oct 2018
C#/Unity (Windows)

Solo Project
fic cover.png


Public Beta Available
C#/Unity (Android)

Solo Project
rail cover.png

Railway Frenzy

Jul 2020 (GMTK Game Jam)
C#/Unity (Windows/Web)

Solo Project

Pierre's Artisan Tile Co.

Dec 2019
C#/MonoGame (Windows)

Solo Project

Galaxian (Remake)

Jan 2021
C++/SFML (Windows)

Solo Project
robo cover.gif

Robot Guise

May 2020
C#/Unity (Windows)

Solo Project
son cover.png

Something Out of Nothing

Oct 2019 (Ludum Dare 45)
C#/Unity (Windows/Web)

Solo Project

Snake (Remake)

Oct 2020
C++ Console App (Windows)

Solo Project
fruit thumb.png

Fruit vs Hand

Apr 2020 (Ludum Dare 46)
C#/Unity (Windows/Web)

Solo Project

A Game About a Printer

Oct 2019
JavaScript/HTML (Web)

Solo Project

Relaxing music released at the end of 2021 to bring in the new year with an air of calmness.


A few examples of music that I have composed, including some video game tracks. You can hear more on my Bandcamp or YouTube channel.

Games I have worked on, including university assignments, personal
projects and game jam entries. Click on a game to find out more.


A few video game trailers that I edited.
You can see more videos on my YouTube channel.